Hard Time Womancraft

If you're going through a "shit hole of a time in your life" . . . 1) How can you, with lots of external support, be with the pain and stop reacting to it or running from it through old familiar behavior patterns? How can you sit with and explore the exact feeling or situation you've probably been desperately trying...[ read more ]

The Sparkly Performance Self and the More Mysterious Self

Okay, so this is really another "Shit I've Said to Clients" post . . . Take 2! What did I say exactly? "It seems like you have a sparkly performance self, and a more mysterious self who has her own needs only for her." I really did say this to someone several weeks ago, referring to a manager part we...[ read more ]

What is preventing you from fully expressing the radiance of your heart?

This is a question I need to ask myself daily, hour by hour. This is my practice. I think it is, in essence, all of our practices. For a more masculine-identified person, the question might be something more like, “What is blocking or preventing me from offering the blissful stillness of my presence?” Honestly, I don’t have a long, blog-like...[ read more ]

Shit I’ve Said to Clients, Take 1

“It sounds like your friend is addicted to the male gaze. And when she’s not getting enough of it, she goes into this deep pain of unworthiness she’s been carrying in her heart and she’ll keep running from it (through the male gaze) until she eventually decides to go into it, sit with it, explore it and understand it, which...[ read more ]

A Brief Explication of the “Create or Die” Ethos

My friends have been by far the most potent magic of my lifetime. This shirt was designed by one of my oldest friends as merch for her husband and his band, The Obsessed @sharlee_patches Create or die. See why we get along? 🤣🤣 There’s a beautiful series of lectures by the late Jungian analyst Marion Woodman called Sitting By the...[ read more ]

Why Your 20s Are a Neurological Power Spot and How This Applies to the Gritty, Beautiful, Ongoing Truths of Human Life

Think of a plane taking off from LAX. The smallest tweak in trajectory immediately after takeoff can mean the difference between landing in Florida or landing in Maine. Your 20s are like that, and that is why they are such an incredibly powerful time in life. Your 20s are also a neurological power spot because your brain goes through its...[ read more ]

Addiction, Loneliness, Intimacy, and the Role of the Therapist/Artist

In a lecture the other day on the usefulness of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for overcoming addiction, an elaboration on the definition of “addiction” was brought in. It was posited that the substance of choice can become a most intimate companion, more intimate even than any human relationship. And, if we assume the angle (which has gained popularity in recent years) that...[ read more ]

Writing Your Way Through the Underworld

In each life there is a need at some time or other to travel alone and by night. It will be hard but it’s when the stars burn coldest and clearest. The stars will come out for you. Don’t be afraid. I free write every single morning as a liberated creativity practice. It’s like producing a raw lump of clay....[ read more ]


References to earthy themes as they relate to the interior life have almost become a cliche, it seems to me. But when something is oft repeated, there is a reason why. I love the Jungian idea that when we dream, we don’t only dream for ourselves. We might also be dreaming for our family, for our community, for our country,...[ read more ]

The Secret Link Between Instinct and Codependency

  "Codependency" has become something of a buzzword in the culture lately, right alongside other pop-psychological words, like "narcissist" and others. And it's no wonder, when considering the way these two issues are attracted to, and can play off of each other. But that's not the issue this post will endeavor to explore. What I'm really interested in here is...[ read more ]

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