How to Cope with Ecological Dread and Despair

You’re probably feeling everything that’s going on in the news these days on multiple levels, especially if you are a California resident and you’ve had some mornings of waking up to dark, red skies in the third year in a row of some of the worst wildfires we’ve ever seen on the West Coast. On top of the highly charged...[ read more ]

A Guide to Spiritually Oriented Therapy – Is it Right for You?

First of all, what is spiritually oriented therapy and how does it differ from regular psychotherapy? A tome could be written on this, and more than one already has been! To put it very simply, spiritually oriented therapy is open to the idea that psychotherapy is a sacred activity or even a spiritual practice, that the sacred can be expressed...[ read more ]

Why I Won’t Be Blogging Regularly Anymore

I'm going to change my writing rhythm and I want to explain the reasons why.  Before I do, I have to admit I've always been susceptible to transpersonal ideas, so be aware of that as you read me.  I always endeavor to remain aware of it myself.  Maybe it's not the susceptibility itself that needs to be remembered as a...[ read more ]

Trapped-at-Home Care Bundle

     Let's face it:  These are dark days.  Projections for the coming months by renowned epidemiologists and public health experts are somber at best.  I just realized I haven't even written the 'C-word' yet.  I don't believe I need to.  Since many of us are currently challenged to the core, I would like to offer a bundle of mental and...[ read more ]

How to Dance with Fear

It seems like both fear and COVID-19 are global pandemics in equal measure at the time of this writing (Thursday, March 19th, 2020).  I usually tell my clients that their emotional reactions to events and situations are always valid, because they are always emotionally reacting, quite helplessly, to their own subjective perception of the event or situation.  An emotional reaction...[ read more ]

How to Cope with Existential Dread and Despair

  So, nothing too big, right?  I felt moved to add some kind of counterbalance to the posts of the last couple of weeks, and now (as we seem to be entering a new age of endemics and pandemics) it feels all the more appropriate.  I want to begin with two potential problems with 'happiness formulas,' along with corresponding apologias....[ read more ]

Happiness Formula Spillover

After writing last week's blog post, inspiration after inspiration came to me of additional tricks, spells, formulas, and practices for enhancing one's internal feeling state and overall life satisfaction.  (Honestly, I don't actually love the word 'hack'!)  I feel moved to add that we are not all starting from the same place, and that this kind of offering may not...[ read more ]

My Happiness Formula

  'Happiness' is a tricky word.  This famous Nathaniel Hawthorne quote sums up the attitude of many to that ever-elusive monarch butterfly, happiness: Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more...[ read more ]

Allowing Oneself to Write Badly

American poet, novelist and short story writer, Charles Bukowski (and Elvis Presley of American wild masculine, nakedly gritty, down-and-out, beer-drunk and still shining with true heart literature), dedicated his final completed work, Pulp, to bad writing. Inspired by this, I wrote, Dedicated to Bad Writing . . . For Bad People on the outside of one of my old journal...[ read more ]

Therapy in a Time of Climate Crisis

You’ve probably been made to feel at some point in your life that there is something “wrong” with you for feeling anxious, angry, or sad. I always take the tack that you feel anxious, angry, or sad (very likely) because there is something right with you. This kind of approach to mental health and human emotions takes on particular dimensions of...[ read more ]

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