• “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

    – Anais Nin –

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COVID-19 Message: User-friendly video sessions and telehealth available.  Prior to March 13th, 2020, we would meet for your intake session in my office. Since the shelter-in-place order was put into place for health and safety reasons, I've been meeting with clients online on a HIPAA-compliant, confidential platform and will continue to do so until further notice. During your intake phone call, we’ll be discussing how to access the platform, payment and insurance rates, and how to get the most out of our sessions together.  A percentage of all profits, starting in April 2020 and until further notice will be donated to support the furtherance of social and ecological justice.


Intuitive, Spiritually Oriented Therapy for Creative 20-Something Womxn

You’re probably here because you’re a creative woman in your 20s getting mired in stress, self-doubt, despair and confusion, to the point that you know you need the added support of a therapist now.  You wonder how you're ever going to find a place for yourself in this world.  You wonder what hope there even is for this world.  You have visions of a wild, creative life, but you don't know how in the hell you're going to do it.  There seems to be no way out of the stuck-ness.  On top of that, your life may be flooded with junk that doesn't enliven you, leaving little or no time for pleasure, or the life of your creativity and soul, and maybe boundaries aren't really your forte.  As if to add insult to injury, the current state of the world may be exacerbating symptoms of trauma, anxiety and depression, leaving you feeling rudderless and completely burnt out.

“When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive, a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guide, suggest and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer world.”

-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes -

There is probably a HUGE fire in your belly to make things and fulfill your spiritual and creative potential.  Each day that passes without showing up for the fullness of life and a sacred creative practice hurts you all the way down at a very real, soul level.  Ugh, I know!  Now for the good news:  It pains you to feel so stuck because you're a creative giant in the rough.  There is enough time yet, and there is a place for you in this world.  There's nothing wrong with you.  We just need to adjust the volume on some things.


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"I believe that magic is art and that art, whether it be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form is literally magic. Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images, to achieve changes in consciousness."

- Alan Moore -

I empower creative womxn in their 20s to find their voice and use it, and to find their intuition, magic, and deepest inspiration in order to create the life and relationships they want, and to be the best, most self-aware version of themselves. Most of my clients are female-identifying, in their 20s, and experiencing some blend of depression, anxiety, and quarter life crisis. My approach gives intuition a place to dance within an evidence-based container. I put EMDR, the gold standard of evidence-based therapies at the center of my approach. Since EMDR is brain-based, and since people are more than their brains, I wrap that approach in a thick blanket of holistic, feminist and social justice sensibility, and I weave in a lifelong proclivity for intuitive, spiritually-oriented and depth-informed work. (Dream work, astrology and oracle cards, yes. Call me if you're curious about how that can fit into strengths-based therapy.)

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The world needs the most empowered version of you now more than ever. But so many of us feel we're lost in the woods with only a tiny flashlight. By deepening your self-trust, inner authority, and your relationship with your body and intuition (the real secret to strength), you will be able to take the next step, and then the next. You can alchemize your rage, trauma and stuck-ness into rocket fuel for getting onto your own, personalized artist's path. 🙂 We've got this. LGBTQ+ affirming. Open-minded and non-judgmental. All genders welcome. Click the link below to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to see if we feel like a match, no strings attached!


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Meet Annalise Oatman

I’m an Integrative EMDR Psychotherapist in Hayes Valley, but you might also call me an inner child whisperer, fairy godmother, Alan Moore-dork, ultra-Pisces, and Dionysian artist. I help artists and creatives who want more than anything to show up fully in life, in love or in their life’s work, but get hung up because of some seemingly impenetrable thicket of self-doubt, apathy, anxiety, depression, or maybe even trauma or terror.

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