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Oracle Cards, Dream Work, and Psychedelic Integration

“Everybody’s lives, ordinary people’s lives, are touched by deep magic.”
– Terence McKenna –

Oracle Cards

Do you get excited by consulting the cards?I always have a delicious variety of oracle decks in my office, and I’m always adding to my collection as well. I only bring out the cards when people are interested in them and when it is an appropriate move on every level. If I were to bring them out with you, I would focus on directing you toward your own intuition, inner knowing, and inner vision, with a series of spreads and activities as appropriate.

Dream Work

Through a series of trainings at the SF Jung Institute, and a training with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author of Women Who Run with the Wolves), I’ve developed a great facility and joy for dream work. Often, dreams become more vivid and meaningful during a phase of psychotherapy or any phase of growth and personal development, and I love working with dreams as guides to each individual’s unique healing images and individuation process.

Psychedelic Integration

If you have had an experience with a psychedelic plant or fungus or other substance classified as ‘psychoactive’ (outside of my office and before our work began) and would like support with integrating your experience, unlike the conventional psychotherapist, I am capable of providing this. Please be advised of the power of these substances, and if you are a current or former client, please do not interpret this section as an endorsement of the advisability of using psychoactive substances for anyone and everyone at any time. Please call for a free 20-minute consultation if you feel you need additional guidance or support understanding your ongoing experience or symptoms after ingesting an entheogen.

While we are on the topic of integrating experiences of the ineffable: Sometimes, we have exceptional, anomalous, or extraordinary experiences that do not seem to be in any way substance-induced. Sometimes these experiences feel somehow important, spiritual, or precious, though they can be difficult to get through without support as they can at times rock our typical experience of reality down to its foundations. These are the experiences I refer to as spontaneously, organically arising “spiritual emergencies,” and though they remain fundamentally mysterious at their core, they can be an important and beautiful aspect of the individuation process, and of the deepening of one’s own spirituality and relationship to the mystery of the cosmos.

Reach out for a free 20-minute phone consultation if you believe this may be what you are experiencing.