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Looking for powerful results in a specific area of your life in just one session or two? Hypnotherapy is just about the closest thing to magic I’ve yet seen in my clinical practice and in my personal life. The results can be almost freaky.

Just about every world culture has had some practice for inducing deep, restorative relaxation, from Temple Sleep in ancient Egypt, to Sleep Chambers in the temples of Asclepius in ancient Greece, and many more. Similarly, modern hypnosis induces the participant into a deep state of relaxation in order to seed new beliefs in the participant’s unconscious.

Here’s how it works. Beneath the level of our conscious awareness is your unconscious: a vast repository of memories, experiences, and deep-seated beliefs that you’ve picked up from your environment. Some of those beliefs might be really helpful and some are not so helpful. You may be familiar with the analogy of the iceberg jutting out of the water so that only a small portion is visible on the surface, while the vast majority of the iceberg (think 80-90%) is underwater and unseen. This should give you an idea of the tremendous power of the unconscious and the enormous role it plays in shaping your behavior and life.

In order for hypnosis to be effective, you do not necessarily have to be in a deep Theta or Delta brainwave state (the slowest brain waves associated with deep trance states). Most of the time, you’ll go to Beta, which is just one level beneath your normal waking state (Alpha). In Beta, you may actually remember much of what was said during the induction, and that’s perfectly alright. The point is that, once your brain waves slow down from Alpha to a more relaxed Beta, you are up to 200 times more suggestible. That means that once we induce you to a Beta brain wave state (or perhaps an even more deeply relaxed state), whatever your hypnotherapist suggests to you is being deposited directly into your unconscious, that vast storehouse of beliefs and dynamic energy. And whatever is seeded in the unconscious tends to impact your behavior, attitude, mood and ongoing thoughts and beliefs about yourself, life, the world, and others, and your overall quality of life in powerful ways.

Popular issues to work on in a hypnotherapy session are confidence and self-esteem, weight loss, and wealth/money. But the issues you could work on in a hypnotherapy session are really limitless. I’ll create a customized script for you based on your unique goals, and I’ll provide a recording so that you can continue to do inductions on your chosen goals at home as often as you like.