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Psychedelic Integration Consultation

Are you a therapist serving a client who is in the process of integrating a psychedelic or plant medicine experience and feeling confused about some aspect of their integration process?

As a licensed clinician with over a decade’s worth of clinical experience, and as a student currently enrolled in the Integrative Psychiatry Institute’s Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy year-long MAPS-affiliated program, and as someone who has experienced sacred plant medicine ceremony and numerous entheogens in various settings, I am uniquely qualified to provide consultation when psychedelic integration has become an important or confounding aspect of a client’s overall presentation.

There can be very practical aspects of integration (in terms of grounding insights into daily life). And sometimes there are aspects that might look like some form of spiritual emergency or existential “unmooring.” I’d be happy to assist with making careful discernments about what your client is experiencing and ways to support that would be in keeping with client-centered, collaborative care, ethical considerations and best practices.