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Deep Imagination: Awakening Your Inner Seer

You’re struggling and feeling blocked in some area of your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be perusing this site.  And you also have some sense that there is deeper wisdom, there are answers inside you already.  But maybe you’ve tried meditating and journaling and feel stuck with that as well.

I am certified in the ‘Clinical Applications of Deep Imagination,’ and what that means is that I know how to use and create specially formulated scripts for guiding you inward to access more wisdom, more sacred power, and more guidance that you ever thought possible.  People are amazed, and I continue to be amazed, at the wealth of brilliant, perfect guidance that is right there, waiting to be tapped.  Expect a much deeper sense of your ‘internal community,’ the help and guidance available to you at all times, and a more fine-tuned approach to getting you un-stuck.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about this powerful process, using the contact form below.  Let’s open your inner eye and turn on that storehouse of inner wisdom.