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How I Work

“Call the world, if you please, ‘the Vale of Soul Making.”
- John Keats -

Before we even get into it, I start from the premise that you are a sacred being with glorious potential and a beautiful new story that you have the power to dream into existence. You are not a set of symptoms to be bandaid-ed over as quickly as possible. There is a deep, holistic root to whatever you are struggling with, and I will take the time to figure that out with you. And there is so much beauty you are able to create in your life. You’re here because you know that already.

I typically start with a comprehensive assessment that covers not only all the traditional assessment stuff, but also how you are doing in your erotic/sexual life, in your creative/vocational life, and also in terms of lifestyle (nutrition and exercise). I sometimes even include any “downloads” from particular shamanic tracking practices I’ve been initiated in, and which I practice with great humility and graciousness. (These are shamanic methods for intuitively receiving information.) As a certified astrologer, upon request, I also sometimes include insights from your astrological natal chart. Based on all of this, we’ll come up with an in-depth collaborative conceptualization of what’s going on and, if you’d like, we can even create a “printout” of this in session for you to keep securely in your client portal, or however you’d like.

Why I do this

The reason I do this is that I believe all these elements of who you are and how you are doing interweave with and ripple into each other. We want a very full picture in order to start our work in the most powerful way we can.

From there, I love to provide any number of deep imagination / visualization practices to help you find your soul’s most authentic, exhilarating, beautiful desires and goals: The life your soul would gleefully design if there were no limitations of any kind. Based on that, I then provide ongoing dreamwork suggestions, lifestyle medicine (exercise and supplement) recommendations, and access to a personalized bundle of hypnosis tracks to start listening to nightly, or as often as you like.

I then utilize a blend of highly somatically-oriented (and even movement-oriented) EMDR and Shamanic Energy Medicine, taking you all the way around the shamanic medicine wheel in the process of completing a full episode of really deep, good EMDR. As a very humble and grateful student of Dr. Ruby Gibson, the creator of Somatic Archaeology, I love to weave an ancestor work element into the somatic element of the work, finding the way you hold your own stories and even the stories of your ancestors in your physical and energy bodies, helping to create powerful, intergenerational healing.

I’ve either been trained in, or I am well-versed in, other methods I haven’t mentioned here (including Jungian dreamwork and IFS just to name a couple), and we will weave those in as we feel called.