Therapy with Annalise Oatman, LCSW

“Though EMDR forms the foundation of my trauma-healing training, embodiment is a huge piece of the work and the way I do it, especially with these women, as I’ve found it’s the body that holds the old stories and that ultimately becomes the cauldron of heightened creativity and pleasure in all areas.”

Start Enjoying Life Again – Deeper Well Therapy

“I had a sort of identity crisis after college and spent a lot of time reading my baby boomer dad’s spiritual books from the Sixties and beyond (including Ram Dass, Suzuki Roshi, and others). I came to the conclusion that service is the highest and purest expression of spirituality. So I decided to devote my life to service, one way or another.”

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How To Make Masturbation Part Of Your Self-Care Routine

“Women shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about masturbation. In fact, self-pleasure is an excellent form of self-care. The month of May is both Mental Health Awareness Month and Masturbation May, giving us a reason to have important conversations around two topics that can feel taboo.”

Hugging Requires Consent, Now More Than Ever. Here’s How To Navigate That

“When faced with the open arms of a smiling acquaintance saying, “C’mon, get in here,” my first instinct is to run away. Because no, we don’t know each other like that and I do not want your dead skin cells to shed onto me, TYSM. However, now that I’ve been sequestered for what feels like the length of time it takes a screaming cicada to reach maturity, I too have changed into something unrecognizable — a hugger. As a person who is invested in not being a creep, though, I wonder how we can non-awkwardly ask people if it’s okay to hug them. I asked psychologists how to navigate requesting consent when you want to embrace someone you’re not already intimate with.”