What is preventing you from fully expressing the radiance of your heart?

This is a question I need to ask myself daily, hour by hour. This is my practice. I think it is, in essence, all of our practices. For a more masculine-identified person, the question might be something more like, “What is blocking or preventing me from offering the blissful stillness of my presence?” Honestly, I don’t have a long, blog-like caption to accompany this. The question is enough. What does it evoke in you? Or maybe I’ll get a little “weird” here and say that everyone seems to have a longing, in some form or other to be able to express their “true self” more, right? But if we peal back a layer, and another, and another ... What is your “true self,” really? What are you in your essence, at your core, when all is said and done, from birth through death and all life phases? You are a beautiful and tender heart. You are love. Perhaps I’m “outting” myself a little as someone who thinks this way, and perhaps that’s for the best so you can make an informed decision for yourself about whether or not I’m the kind of therapist who might be right for you. But it seems to me this is the core of the “true self,” and what we all so long to be able to express more — our hearts. The truths and strange teachings of our hearts. The wisdom, solace and radiance of our hearts. The poetic language of our hearts. How can you do that more right where you are in your life now? You don’t need to change jobs or relationships (or maybe you do, but who am I to say) — How can you do it today? How can you view your current professional role (and any role in your life) as a vehicle for the transmission of your heart, even if it’s just through the quality of your presence? Book a free call if you're interested in exploring how you might integrate this question into your own practices in an ongoing way.