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Economic Transparency

People are often curious about how therapy fees are calculated, and it's understandable. I don't expect clients to be aware of everything going on behind the scenes of a therapy practice. To let you in on the gist of it: A significant percentage of your fee for therapy goes towards business owner income taxes and business overhead costs (such as the maintenance of this website, marketing, ongoing training and consultation, and all HIPAA-compliant communication platforms, etc. etc.). In addition to that, the time that your therapist spends on your therapy goes beyond your time in session together. A significant chunk of a private practice therapist's time goes towards documentation, scheduling and other admin work, as well as marketing (which may be how you found them in the first place)!

Deeper Well Therapy is committed to donating a percentage of all monthly proceeds to Running Strong for American Indian Youth and also to Survival International (a legal fund for stopping loggers, miners and oil companies from destroying tribal lands in the Amazon and beyond). We are making all of this information public now so that you can make the best and most informed choice about your therapy.