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Astrology Readings

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.”
— Alan Watts, Cosmic Myth —
“The reason the pattern of the stars is repeated in the pattern of your life is because there’s only one pattern to begin with. It isn’t that the stars cause you to be the way you are any more than that you cause the stars to be the way they are. There is not a causal relationship here. What there is is a series of adumbrations and reflections. This is a great discovery that has been made in the past ten years, one of the greatest intellectual steps ever taken by human beings, a new law of nature is now discernible and I can state it for you. It’s that nature is self-similar across scales.”
— Terence McKenna —

Fun fact: The great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung never saw a patient without first doing a full natal chart work up for them. I can understand why. Natal chart readings can be an incredibly useful tool for mapping out and understanding the inner workings of your psyche, and this is true whether you believe astrology is an art form that has any basis in objective reality or not! Your natal chart reading can be a great forum for reflecting on all the major “players” within your personality, and for reflecting on the extent to which you agree with the reading or not.

I also do synastry (couple’s readings), and transit/predictive readings. Astrology readings are available to current therapy clients and non-therapy clients alike with a separate consent form.