A Brief Explication of the "Create or Die" Ethos

My friends have been by far the most potent magic of my lifetime. This shirt was designed by one of my oldest friends as merch for her husband and his band, The Obsessed @sharlee_patches Create or die. See why we get along? 🤣🤣 There’s a beautiful series of lectures by the late Jungian analyst Marion Woodman called Sitting By the Well. Somewhere within them she boldly claims that, in each life, there comes a time of “do or die.” At some point, there is a deeper well from which we must drink .. as a matter of life or death. This may sound dramatic. But I’m sure you’re familiar with the trope of the midlife crisis. At some point, often (though not necessarily) around midlife, and especially if we’ve carried any (normal) level of deep fragmentation and self-alienation within our psyche, we begin to feel like an empty fuel cell hungry for some nameless something we’ve never found anywhere and never even knew we needed. But whatever it is, it is irrevocably connected to life force—to life—itself. Often that’s when people enter therapy. And I’m here for it. Reach out here for more information on how I can support you if you've been feeling this way in your own life.