Past Life Regression

Do you feel drawn to a particular historical era or have recurring dreams that seem to pertain to it?

Do you have an inexplicable phobia or a physical quirk that has never been explained or resolved by a modern, Western medical approach?

It is possible that Past Life Regression could help you achieve a much, much deeper level of insight into some of your idiosyncrasies, and/or a much deeper level of healing with regards to specific issues that do not seem connected to any particular condition or trauma that can be recalled. Just about every world culture has had some practice for inducing deep, restorative relaxation, from Temple Sleep in ancient Egypt, to Sleep Chambers in the temples of Asclepius in ancient Greece, and many more. Past Life Regression involves being inducted into a very deeply relaxed, restorative state before being gently guided through a process that opens up visions, emotions and/or physical sensations related to being another person in another place and time, with varying levels of depth and intensity.

People tend to have profound and vivid experiences during Past Life Regression in just one session. I do not make any claims as to the cosmology of these experiences. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me whether or not Past Life Regression experiences are “real”. What matters to me is that it matters to my client and that it helps them to heal. This is only for those who feel drawn to it, and for whom it is clinically and emotionally appropriate at a given time.

It is only offered upon request, and requires a separate consent form. I do not “dwell” on any past life with my clients, and I encourage bringing the lessons and gifts gleaned from the regression forward into this life.

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