Free Energy Reading and Clearing

Lucky you! This is exactly what it sounds like, and this offer will not last forever. Over the years, I’ve picked up some tools and tricks for clearing and reading energy, at Portland Psychic School, and through personal research and experience. I am keen to use these skills more in my therapy and healing practices.

I am very confident in the power of these approaches, and these sessions are really mutual-visioning sessions. In other words, I am telling you what I see, and I am also encouraging you to see, feel, hear, and/or know whatever you do throughout the process. Expect your session to last for 50 minutes, and bring a journal if you’d like!

Since I have never explicitly charged for services of this kind before, it feels right to offer them for free for a little while until I feel confident about the best and most ethical way to weave this into my therapy and healing practices. As a participant in that creative process, it will be my joy to offer this service for free for a limited time only. It’s just a small way to show my gratitude!

Shoot me an email to get started! 🙂

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