Social Media Makes You Feel Inadequate? You’re Not Alone.

American novelist Anne Lamott once said, "Never compare your insides to everyone else's outsides." This is wonderful advice, if only it were always possible. It seems natural to compare our insides to other people's outsides, because we have intimate knowledge of our insides: our foibles, embarrassments, moments of pain or vulnerability on any given day, and all the ways we...[ read more ]

Why is it So Upsetting that Game of Thrones Ended? (A Depth Perspective)

In the wake of the ending of the nearly decade-long HBO phenomenon, Game of Thrones, many people are upset. It seems they are mostly upset for one (or both) of two reasons: 1) The final season could have been better or more believable (they contend); and/or 2) An eagerly anticipated yearly springtime event that spanned almost the last decade has...[ read more ]

The Curious World of Intuition in Psychotherapy Private Practice

One of the things I've noticed in the therapy world is that, whether you're interviewing to work at a group practice, or you're simply describing your therapeutic approach on your private practice 'About' page, people are looking for and want to know which evidence-based therapeutic modalities you are most competent in and in which you base most of your work....[ read more ]


The word, "awake" has a proto-Germanic root, "weg," which means, "to be strong, lively." "Weg" is also the root of the word, "witch". That's right: "awake" and "witch" share the same root. How is it that "strong and lively" comes to be associated with "witch"? Let me put it this way. When activist, author and entrepreneur Marianne Williamson spoke on...[ read more ]

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