Niche Update: Creative Giants

Alright, I know I've been messing around with my home page and menu a bit lately, and I've got some 'splainin' to do. I am always assisting my clients on their journeys towards greater integration of all their internal "parts" and greater authenticity. And yet, I've been sort of leading a double life. On one side of the week, I...[ read more ]

Healing the Warrior Archetype

According to a Jungian depth perspective (depth psychological perspectives that draw from the work of the late Carl Jung), archetypal energies or patterns exist within the collective unconsciousness, and will continue to exist, whether they are embraced by the culture or not. When they are not embraced by the culture, or when they are actively repressed by the culture, like...[ read more ]

“Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love.” -Adam Roa

Photo by Elle Hughes The concepts of self-love and self-compassion can bring up all kinds of things for people. Your first reaction to a self-love practice or tool that I might offer to you in therapy could be something like, "Oh crap, I can't do that. You get in trouble doing that." In trouble with who? "I don't know....[ read more ]

Taking Up Space

Photo by Godisable Jacob San Francisco is a crowded place, where it seems like everyone is always moving at such a rapid clip, and has such important crap to do. I've noticed that sometimes there is an energy of "being in the way," on the street, on the sidewalk, in the grocery aisle, in the coffee shop . . ....[ read more ]

Taking Responsibility for My Privilege

The desire to be of service is strange, and the more I learn about mental health, humans, and life, the more I believe it is a desire (when stated) that deserves examination. There can be a lot of baggage, internal and external, that goes with the desire to be of service. Often we are unclear about what we really mean,...[ read more ]

A Dionysian Affirmation of Life and Nietzsche’s “Great Health”

If you have ever heard of the Greek god, Dionysus, you probably think of him as the god of wine. You are not wrong. However, there is depth and nuance to this ancient god and archetype beyond the reputation that precedes. Dionysus was a god of duality, and paradox. He was the god of the highest love, bliss, and ecstasy...[ read more ]

Matt Kahn: Whatever Arises, Love That

I recently listened to an interview with best-selling author, Matt Kahn, and I feel his message is the perfect follow up to the map I provided in my previous blog post (about the depth perspective on the Sleeping Beauty story, and how it relates to my work and choice of practice name). In that previous post, I had provided a...[ read more ]

Awake: The Sleeping Beauty Depth Perspective

I feel moved to write in more depth on my choice of practice name, as it feels important for the concept to be clear and accessible. The original intention was to invoke the underlying message of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, if the story is viewed from a depth perspective, wherein each character and element of the story is understood...[ read more ]

Authentic Movement

This past Saturday (one of the first hot and sunny San Francisco days of the year), I had the pleasure of attending an Authentic Movement workshop at The Center, SF. First, I must say that The Center is an entirely magical space, dimly lit and semi-subterranean, with low, earth-colored tea tables, beautiful teas, soulful artwork and Holy Water, yes, Holy...[ read more ]

That is How We Know We Are Family: Because We Are All Broken

I will attempt to disclose next to nothing about myself in this blog series, though I feel moved to share the message from a woman in last night's dream. She stood before her people, electric with the feeling of rallying together after centuries of oppression, and she shouted, "Each of us is a branch broken from the Mother Tree and...[ read more ]

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